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There are several major reasons why people do search for spy software, download it and install it on one or more machines. In most cases people are not sure whether someone accesses their computer and if it is so what does the person do using it. Another popular reason for installing and using is our well-intentioned cognitive hunger: we all spy software want to know what our kids actually chat about.

Third most popular reason is installing keystroke recording spy software for data backup and further re-entry process.

However, in most cases lack of information and the intention to know more it provokes are the key factors for using spy software. Take a look at your own life. Are you sure your husband or wife is not cheating on you? Are you sure your kid is not looking for ‘where to get marijuana’ on the Internet? Spy software is exactly what may save your day!

Keyloggers are popular type of spy software used these days. A keylogger application runs secretly on your computer gathering data on what users type in various text fields, word processors, chat software and so on. Advanced keylogger can covertly e-mail the results as well as monitor user input for specific words or phrases and notify you when a person types them. With this kind of spy software it is easy to know exactly what is being typed on a computer!

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